Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd.


About Us


Delivering positivity across a wide range of scenarios
Our aim is to provide solutions

Our job is not limited to just buying and selling products.
By accurately grasping all of our stakeholders’ needs and providing solutions to their issues,
we aim to improve customer satisfaction and mutually expand each other’s businesses.
As such a solution provider, we persist every day in collecting high-quality information,
and offer ever-evolving proposals while maintaining an accurate grasp on changes in the market.


Message from the President

To contribute to creating a future where aspirations can be fulfilled

We are a chemicals trading company operating a global business as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

The shift from a direct supply chain to a recycling type that is acutely aware of the SDGs has advanced rapidly throughout our business domain. Not only are our customers asked to provide good products in a timely and affordable manner, but also to immediately make an environmental response. We are asked to offer solutions to the customers with a focus on raw materials, products, recycling and reuse, and tackling all of the above in collaboration with them. The chemical industry in Japan has exceptional capacity in product development and commercialization. We strive to sincerely and swiftly resolve industrial issues pertaining to automobiles, food packaging, housing construction materials, and advanced electronics from the perspective of a global specialized trading company.

We set “Co-creation/creator”* as conduct guidelines for the next decade after discussions among employees. Under three subtitles – “Challenge,” “Create,” and “Connect” – we would like to contribute to create a future where aspirations can be fulfilled as a reliable partner to our customers while constantly tackling the challenge of proactively creating new value under a radically changing environment.

*"Co-creating/creator" new values goods or product, and services incorporated with our partners in the varieties of industries.

Katsunori Mori
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd.

Management Philosophy

Earn the confidence and trust of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and society as a trading company with integrity.
Exercise our functionality to meet the needs of our stakeholders in a way that enhances daily social and cultural life both in Japan and overseas.

Management Policy

  • 1. A trading company proactively demonstrating integrity “Proactively demonstrating integrity” is our motto. We strive to be a trading company that has earned the trust and confidence of its customers and society by proactively demonstrating our integrity in terms of our identity and how we conduct our business.
  • 2. A trading company that creates high added value We strive to provide unique and tangible added value for our customers.
  • 3. A speedy trading company We strive to demonstrate a pronounced sense of urgency by swiftly responding to dynamic social and market changes and quickly addressing our customers’ needs.